Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Batken is a province in the extreme southwest of Kyrgyzstan with four mountainous areas ranging from 400 m above sea level to 5621 m above sea level. In 1999 the province was created.

It is the city of Batken that is the administrative centre of the province. The province comprises several enclaves of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which were formed by a commission of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, when Central Asian Republics boundaries were created. There are a total of seven enclaves – some very small, not much larger than the farm size. The largest is Uzbekistan’s Sokh district, which comprises 52,000 inhabitants.

The province of Batken is not well recognized, most of whom come from within or in Kyrgyzstan. In Batken, Ak-Suu and Ozgorush in Lajlak, and Dugaba in Kadamjaiski there are a host of tourist bases across the country including Pyramida-Dolina. These bases accommodated many foreign expeditions to mountaineers.

There are also some old sites in the province of Batken.