Best Time to Visit Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the perfect time to visit in the summer. This country is one of the world’s tallest, and because the temperatures in Bishkek are mostly in mountains, the higher you go almost always cold and relaxed.

Kyrgyzstan is an incredibly mountainous land, which has been the driving factor throughout the year of weather and climate trends. The weather will change dramatically no matter what season, depending on the height, which means you should always be ready for severe weather. The nation normally has very cold winters and mild summers at higher altitudes, although the summers are usually marginally warmer than those at nearer altitudes. Fortunately, Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty is improved during the seasons.

Kyrygyzstan’s summer is long and humid, with temperatures in the lower slopes often up to 45°C, but typically fluctuating from +25°C to 35°C. Given the constant warmth, it tends to be much wetter in the summer with storms rolling through Kyrgyzstan in summer. If you go up the mountains, the temperatures will be much lower, but the winds will be noticeable. The colder and stable weather in the mountains is ideal for all manner of outdoor activities all over the world.

Autumn is beautifully stunning in Kyrgyzstan and one of Kyrgyzstan’s best days. When summer cools down, the leaves begin to change and the natural landscape continues to diminish from the orange to the reddish-brown. Contrary to many other parts of the country, Kyrgyzstan’s first part of autumn appears to be dry and moderately sunny so that the outside can be enjoyed without the humid sparkling heat. During this time, local people prefer to be active and prepare all items harvested for the winter for winter. The first snow begins placing mountain tops in a cap in the latter part of autumn and temperatures start shifting in a sunny warm day.


Cyrgyzstan’s season. Kyrgyzstan’s winter begins from November and the temperature in Narin will plunge below -30°C. It ranges from +5°C to -15°C in Bishkek. Despite these cool conditions, the air stays largely dry and only rarely floats with snow that fills up the country’s white blanket. In the mountains, the temperature in Kyrgyzstan is colder, but you can always enjoy a lot of wonderful events. The snow turns the terrain into a winter winter wonderland, yet several lower walking paths are yet accessible and free to explore.

Possibly the shortest season is Kyrgyzstan Spring. The temperatures will be wildly fluctuating during the present period and days of warm sunlight with unexpected snowfall can be disturbed. The snow begins melting in the spring and the snow covers the Alpine lagoons of Cyrgyz. When the snow clears, more trekks open and mountains come alive, flowers blooming, and after a long, cold winter people want to re-energize. In the first days of summer in the lower part of the world the temperatures increase easily with humidity as the warmer weather evaporates the snow remaining.