Bokonbayevo, Issyk-Kul

South of Lake Issyk-Kul Bokonbayevo is a beautiful village. Situated in the center of the Terskey Ala-Too Mountains on the bank of Issyk-Kul, BokonBayevo is a mixture of natural beauty with a traditional Kyrgyz culture with which it attracts its tourists. Bokonbayevo has also been an eco-tourism centre, encouraging tourism in accordance with the natural environment of the city.

Bokonbayevo is a perfect starting point for the Terski Ale Too or for nearby thermal spring and waterfalls, located 1800 m (5,905 metres) above sea level. Bokonbayevo is still far from the busy north coastal beaches, but sands and warm water are still available for anyone who love swimming or relaxing by the sea.

Bokonbayevo is also popular for its yurt-camps, some on the shores of the Issyk-Kul Sea, and guest houses. Dinner in a comfortable yurt, then resume the day with the boorsok and kumis (mare milk) at the sunrise. Spend the day and come back for a hearty meal of beshbarmak, plov or other popular food.

The biggest Birds of Prey Festival in Kyrgyzstan is held in Bokonbaevo every summer. Experienced falconers display large and small game hunting tactics and various groups of addicts, halcons and falcons. The hunters will also search for tourists and organize exhibitions.

In addition to the animals, the festival also attracts tapestry weavers, craftsmen, master chefs, creative artists and specialists. Take stock of handicrafts, buy souvenirs, taste the best of local cuisine, take part in dance and music and cheer up horse sports.