Burana Tower

Burana Tower is one of Kyrgyzstan’s famous archeological sites, which is situated 80 km (50 miles) from Bishkek. Burana also houses a museum with significant items of archeology that tell the tale of the Silk Road and of the square in Kyrgyzstan.

The Burana Tower is all the left of Balasagun District, the 9th century capital of the Karakhanid Empire. There are some excavation sites at the base of the tower, which indicate building brick foundations, but archeologists have proven that the city originally expanded a little further (shops, bazaars, baths, and houses have all been discovered).

A selection of balbals or kurgan stelaes is also available close to the tower. These small figures were used to pay homage to the deceased and marked often the place where a corpse was buried. These are excellent specimens of the 6th century CE stones and are followed by 2nd century BC petroglyphs that were seen.

It is a small gallery, but it contains rare and fascinating objects. Located on the Silk Road, Balasagyn has become a hub for merchants of goods and people entering the continent from East to West. The richness of the area and its heritage can be seen in coins, pottery and other artifacts.