Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan

The small town of Cholpon-Ata, 265 km (165 miles) from Bishkek, is situated on the north shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Cholpon-Ata is known for its hot springs, petroglyphs, resorts, sandy beaches and underground.

The past of Cholpon-Ata dates from the first millennium BCE, as it is an excellent resting place because of the town situated between the lake and the mountains. As a caravanserais was completed, Cholpon-Ata became the summer destination in the Soviet period, whose name means “father of the stars.”

In the summer, the area also attracts crowds. Visitors will rent rooms, hotel accommodations, and even locate apartments. There are several beaches, some public, some private and spa services for those who want a relaxing holiday. Cholpon-Ata has a lot to do: navigate the wheel Ferris or go on a cruise journey.

The petroglyphs are the most common view close to Cholpon-Ata. There is a stone garden outside the main town which has great examples of paintings, scrolls and inscriptions from different periods of time. The striking picture is a hunt, in which chasing hunters and snowmen pursue the wild cherries across a rock. When the plots are clearest and the panorama view around the lake is lovely, sunrise or sunset is the perfect time to see them.

The Issyk-Kul State Museum of History and Culture showcase shows about the people who dwell in and near the lake around Issyk-Kul. A miniature yurt also reveals how a typical yurt was built, and by which nomads.

It is a hub of 5 of the world’s major religions: Catholicism, Orthodox Christendom, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. Core Rukh Ordo’s Pictures and various exhibits on the life of Chingiz Aitmatov are also held.