Chon-Kemin, Kyrgyzstan

152413804577885From Ala-Too Kungey and Ala-Too Iliysky, the Chon-Kemin river flows into Chu. The Chon-Kemin River flows 116 km (72 km) through a forested gorge and seven lakes from its headwater in the mountains to the edge of the Boom Gorge.

Most of the land around the Chon-Kemin River is covered by the Chon-Kemin State Nature National Park, which covers a total of 5000 hectares. This park was established in 1997 to preserve the region’s rare flora and fauna habitats, including Tolai, pheasant and fir trees. The river basin is rich with biodiversity and ecosystems and has remained virtually unchecked.

Chon-Kemin is popular with explorers who can raft or walk in the forests of the valley. The picturesque beauty of the canal, ringing snow-capped mountains, is valuably appreciated even though you are not adrenalinists.