Kyrgyz Cuisine

Due to the diversity of the people who live in Kyrgyzstan, food is diverse. Shepherds pursued in the mountains and valleys their flocks, and then they died with rich meat and bread, and less spices. Their food was very rich. There are more spices, and other ingredients such as rice and noodles in southern Kyrgyzstan (which are various Uzbeks), and about Issyk-Kul (which are Dungans and Uyghurs) in the cuisine. Kyrgyz kitchen has a robust and filling atmosphere and rich aromas built to satisfy and keep you warm in the mountains for a long day. Many of these dishes are available in Central Asia and surrounding countries.

Many people in the Tian Shan Mountains had been nomads for years, with their herds shifting seasonally. This is why many Kyrgyz foods are packed in different varieties of dough and fruit. The meat and dough, whether fried, boiled or cooked, contains Beshbarmak, manty, oromo and chuchpara. Many Kyrgyz dishes do not use many spices but have high meat and dough consistency (with some of the best meat found in the mountains in Naryn). Milk items, like kumiss, are also popular, a well-known beverage made from fermented mare. The meat most common is mutton, but also lamb, horse and organ dishes (pork is uncommon, since it is Muslim in Kyrgyzstan).

Other Kyrgyz cuisine dishes have influences from other Turks, including Uyghurs and Uzbeks. In the village of Osh, a town with a strong Uzbek population, the best Plov in the country is said to be fried, while the Dungans and Uyghurs open various restaurants along Lake Issysk-kul with spicy noodles such as lagman’s and ashlam- foo’s. The settled people are more likely traditionally to be traders, because they have more spices in their dishes, which they can buy from merchants on the Silk Route.

Brot and tea, like homemade preserves made from all kinds of fruit, are popular for almost any meal. Kyrgyz people are proud of their hospitality and never abandon a hungry visitor. This lodging also involves cocktails. Although a Muslim country it is easy to find alcohol, and sometimes food finishes with vodka toasts.

But Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine often leaves people impressed by its rich flavors and the array of special tastes, independent of the city or the city.