Kyrgyz Traditions

Customs and customs in Kyrgyzstan were built to lead to the greatest changes in life, from birth to death. The rituals were based on the home, which fit with the nomadic lifestyle. There are customs of birth, death and marriage that have characterized life and are shared and adapted to contemporary life in Kyrgyzstan.

The birth was a risky mother as well as baby back when the Kirghiz were nomads. Sisters were important for the mother and baby’s welfare and steps had been taken to protect them from evil spirits. Given the risky phase of birth, the unborn infant was a source of pleasure and many newborn celebrations took place.

Houses are also a major festival and tradition in Kyrgyz to this day. Marriages are traditionally a way for a woman to abandon her relatives to marry her bride, and weddings are certainly a great celebration in Kyrgyzstan. For weddings there are older Kyrgyz rituals and more recent practices with western components.

Families are the bedrock of Kyrgyz culture and family-related rituals and customs continue to be significant. There is a certain hierarchy in the family that determines the status of and individual from the family patriarch to the youngest baby girl. There is a special place to thank visitors who treat their seniors with dignity.

Customs in Kyrgyz about death is supposed to honor the life of the dead and promote the passage to the next planet. There will be people crying and singing folk songs, dining and ordering.