Legends of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s legends and myths describe aspects which might seem difficult to explain: the weather, or the terrain, or even the past. These stories have been translated from generation to generation, steadily evolving until now. As Kyrgyz culture goes too far back, there are many myths and traditions. There are many legends.

Some stories tell a little about Kyrgyzstan’s history, such as Manas Epic or the construction of the Burana House. The Epics of Manas illustrate how the Kyrgyz state was founded and how the great warrior Manas was able to restore stability to the warring tribes. Manas was not only a historical character, but also an example of who and what the Kyrgyz people are. While some parts of the poem are legendary, other parts are historical. The legend of how the Bugu tribe came into being in Kyrgyz is also a tale about the close bond between the community and nature.

In Kyrgyzstan, several legends talk about natural sites and how they have been made. The two are imaginative legends Issyk-Kul and Sary Chelek that tell how the valleys were full of water and the Jeti Oguz legend tells of special red rock formations. Given the striking natural surroundings in Kyrgyzstan, it is no wonder that legends about their formation have been told to clarify how they have formed.