Dusti Square, Dushanbe

Central park of Dushanbe

Dusti Square located in the center of Dushanbe is the heart of the capital and entire Tajikistan. Its name is translated as “Friendship Square”. However, locals call this place “monument of Ismail Somoni” or “Park Somoni” as there is a monument to the founder of the Tajik state Ismail Somoni.

Dushanbe as a city appeared only in the second half of the 19th century. The central square appeared even later; it appeared as Lenin Square in the 1930’s. Different state establishments began growing there: the Main Post Office, then House of Government, and other statutory institutions. After becoming independent in 1991, square was named “Ozodi” meaning “freedom”. Later in 1997 the monument to Ismail Somoni, Arch of Independence and other sights were built there.

The towering 13 m high Ismail Somoni Monument is the signature attraction of the Dusti square. Beautiful arch (over 43 m) is mounting the monument. The monument embodies main symbols of Tajik statehood: crown and scepter adorned with seven stars.

There is an alley of fountains with light and music behind Ismail Somoni monument that will adorn your evening in Dushanbe. At the end of the fountain cascade, you will find another landmark – 45meters high stela of Independence. Glorious golden tower is adorned with a coat of arms of Tajikistan. This monument was erected in 2011 in honor of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Tajikistan.

Apart from that, a huge flagpole with a flag of Tajikistan streaming in the air is visible while taking a walk on the square. Its height is 165 meters and 60x30meters flag weighs 420 kilos. Moreover, Dusti square takes you to the Rudaki Park where you can pay a visit to the monument of the distinguished Persian poet Abuabdullo Rudaki.

Dusti Square is a popular sight and practically every tourist makes a photo in front of the monument of Ismail Somoni. This is a face of Dushanbe, and it is so nice to take a walk there, especially in the evening.