Excursion Around Dushanbe

Dushanbe is cozily placed between among the mountains. The first mountains are within a hundred-meter reach from the city boundary. The main street of Dushanbe is Prospekt Rudaki. Going along it you can view numerous places of interest.

Squares of Dushanbe

Sadriddin Aini Square. There stands the writer’s monument opened in 1978 when entire country was celebrating his100th jubilee. The statute of Sadriddin Aini is surrounded with all characters of his books.

Moscow’s 8th Centennial Square. One of the most beautiful places of the city, surrounded by Indian lilacs. In the center of the square there is a big fountain; it is favored by students, artists, musicians, and actors.

Dousti (Friendship) Square. The largest and the most elegant square in Dushanbe. In the center stands Ismail Samani monument; nearby is the museum constructed in the honor of the 1,100th anniversary of Samanid state. There is also the House Tajikistan Government.

Putovsky Square. It is decorated with beautiful fountains, colorful flowers and magnificent spruces. The Presidential Palace is located right there.

Cultural Institutions

Firdausi Republican Library. The library building was constructed in traditional Tajik style in a combination with the elements of modern architecture. It stores two million books in many languages of the world. The most treasured there are books written by the peoples of Ancient Orient, two thousand manuscripts of Rudaki, Firdausi, Ibn Sino, Saadi.

In the center of the capital on the right side of Prospekt Rudaki is located Russian State Drama Theatre named after V. Mayakovsky. This is the center of Russian culture in Tajikistan. There is also Tajik State Academic Drama Theatre named after A.Lakhuti.

Aini Square hosts Bekhzada Republican History, Local Lore and Fine Arts Museum.

The Botanical Garden of Tajikistan Academy of Sciences contains the collection of unique trees and plants from all over the world.

Museum of Ethnography contains the samples of Tajik arts with the display of pottery, carpets, jewelry and musical instruments from all historical epochs of Tajikistan.

Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Aini is located on Moscow’s 8th Centennial Square. very impressive is the facade of the building which is push forward towards the square is supported by classical columns. The ornaments of the building contain Tajik motives.