National Emblem of Tajikistan

National Symbolics of Tajikistan

gerbState emblem of the republic of Tajikistan was approved on December 28, 1993. This national symbol represents a stylized image of a crown and a semicircle of seven stars above it. Stars are surrounded by rays of the sun rising from behind the mountains, shrouded in snow and edged with a crown of wheat branches on the right, and cotton branches with opened bolls on the left. Atop, the crown is interwoven with a ribbon, and there is a book at the bottom of the emblem.

Three projections on the crown symbolize the country’s administrative division into three regions – Khatlon, Zarafshon, Badakhshan. Crown is also a symbol of the country, because the word “Taj” is translated from the Tajik language as the “crown”.

Seven stars – traditionally the number “seven” is considered sacramental for the Tajik people, it was believed that it brings happiness and bestows virtue, as well as it is a symbol of perfection. The sun rising from behind the mountains is a sign of the start of a new life and light. Wheatears are the wealth of the country, symbolising agriculture and settled life. Golden mountains with snowy peaks represent ridges of the Alai, the Transalai Mountains and the Pamirs.