Mausoleum of Makhdumi Azam, Hissar

Monuments of Hissar complex - Makhdumi A’zam Mausoleum

In the territory of the Gissar historical and cultural reserve not far from the Kukhna madrasah there is the Makhdumi A’zam Mausoleum. Makhdumi A’zam is not a name but a title in a way, which is translated as “Supreme Lord”. There are several mausoleums under this name in the Central Asian territory. One of these mausoleums is located in Samarkand and is a burial place of Said Jalal ad-din Akhmad al-Kasani ad-Dakhbedi, the founder of “Dakhbedia” Sufi school of nakshbandia’s teachings.

Who was buried there is not known for certain, most probably, it was khoja Muhammad Khayvoki. No reliable information оn the identity of this man preserved, but according to some sources he was a statesman and religious public figure, respected by the people.

The construction of the mausoleum started at the end of the XV century and completed at he beginning of the XVI century. The mausoleum’s total area is 609 m2. Traditionally the building was constructed from burnt brick. The mausoleum’s entrance portal is not large and of square shape, behind it, there is a gurkhana and ziyaratkhana (hall for praying). Later on the building was added with a domed hall with a separate portal entrance. The architecture of the building is rather unusual, since there are no elements of décor there.