Tajikistan - Population

Tajikistan is a multinational republic. Over 80 nationalities live in the country. 84,3 % of the population are Tajiks, 13,9 % – Uzbeks, 0,8 % – Kyrgyz, 0,5 % are Russians, with insignificant percentage of other nationalities. It is necessary to add the entirely unique nationalities live in the mountains.

In Gorno-Badakshan live Pamir peoples— Shugnans, Rushans, Bartangs, Orshors, Yazgulems, Ishkashims and Vakhans. Yagnobs which populate Yagnob and Varzob river valleys live separately.

All in all 6 million people live in the republic with the majority of population concentrated in fertile valleys. The present demographic situation of Tajikistan is improving. The number of families with many children there has grown 6 times in comparison with 1920.