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Uzbekistan topped the TOP 20 places

Uzbekistan topped the TOP 20 places

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Uzbekistan topped the TOP 20 places that must be seen in 2020, according to Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar magazine in America has published a list of the top 20 destinations that must be seen in 2020. Uzbekistan headed it, the correspondent of reports with reference to the State Committee for Tourism.

“There are only a few artificial structures on our planet, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and the Pyramids, which all of us tremble with. They talk to us when we see them in photographs – and we follow their call. It’s time to add more one miracle for this pantheon of monuments is Registan in Samarkand, three buildings with complex ornamental patterns and sparkling turquoise domes located in the central square, “says Harper’s Bazaar article.

It also separately noted the reforms that contributed to significant changes in the field of tourism.

Harper’s Bazaar encourages everyone to visit Uzbekistan with a special focus on Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and the Ferghana Valley.

“The Ferghana Valley, which not only boasts some of the best ceramic products in the world, but also offers stunning scenery surrounded by the high Tien Shan mountains,” the article says.

The magazine also notes that countries included in the TOP-20 list should become “hot” tourist spots by the end of the next decade.

Botswana is second in the list and Australia is third. Also included in the list are countries such as the United States, Brazil, Japan, France, Uruguay and Austria.

Harper’s Bazaar is a women’s magazine about fashion, style and society, published in the USA since 1867.