Nokhur, Turkmenistan

Nokhur - heavenly spot at the height of a thousand meters

There is a country settled in turks by the Nokhur Mountain Tribe that has retained its distinctive culture and ancient craft and architecture for generations, four-hour drive from Ashgabat to the West of Kopet-Dag. In the list of 100 the world’s most romantic sites, Nokhur (Nohur too) lies. Peculiar villages Old and New Nokur are lovely two story buildings with unique architecture on the hillside with vineyards, amber and grenades. On the mountain plateau are unique architecture.

Deep down in the mountains, Nokhur lies at an altitude of 1000-1100 feet. The road to this “compact world” is long and hard: grades, cliffs, curves of mountain peaks. But when you see this spot, rare in its elegance and covered on all four sides by the high mountains, you will forget all transportation challenge. According to folklore, the name derives from the Bible prophet Noah, whose ark landed at Manoman Mountain during the forty days of navigation, which is why the words “nokh” or “nukh.”The diversity of Nochur’s flora and fauna is clarified by locally long-term residents since Nukh, son of Noah, released both animals and birds in the depths of an unspecified era and planted the seeds in the ark. The waterfall, which flows from few mountainous small sources, cascades from 53 meters above sea level can be seen there.

You should also explore the cave “Dev’s House,” a small canyon of rock that goes deep into the dark. They say that in the evenings there can be heard strange and enormous voices. The highest point of the Kopet Dag, named “the three wells,” is also located.

In Nokhur, an old sycomore tree grows with a hollow which can accommodate just a few people. On the outskirts of the area, Giz bibi, a narrow rock break, is a special spot to wish for locals who will take them for one of the Paradise gate. Create a wish and it will certainly be met.