Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan

The harbor town is the single main harbor in all Central Asia (formerly Krasnovodsk). It is surrounded by low mountains from the east, and the waves of the Caspian Sea are bordering the region in the west. A lunar looks much like the city’s scenery. The city is a point of departure for most mountain and seaside resorts excursions. The Caspian Sea coast is known for its remarkable sands, pure blue water and plenty of marine fauna and flora. You can enjoy many water sports there. The coastal cities of Hazar and Turkmenbashi – Avaz are the choice of most visitors.

Turkmenbashi Vicinity - Sights:


Powering over absolutely flat, waterless and clay plain of Balkan velayat which earlier was known as Misrian Valley are the mysterious and mystical ruins of ancient Dekhistan – the most remote and isolated city. 

Shir-Kabir Mausoleum (the 9th – 10th centuries)

6 km from Dakhistan lies the ancient Mashad entombment – a Muslim necropolis with the well- known mausoleum of Ali ibn Sukkari or ” Shir – Kabir” in the center. 

Caravan serai Tasharvat

38 km from Balkanabat near Tasharvat water spring are located the picturesque ruins of caravan serai Tasharvat. It stands on one of the ancient caravan routes – numerous branches of the Great Silk Road. 


A little white mosque Para-bibi is one of the most honored pilgrim places of Turkmenistan . It stands all by itself on one of the Kopet Dagh rocks.