Gijduvan Ceramics Museum near Bukhara

Address: Gijduvan Street. Kimsan, 24
Tel: (+998 6557)27-412, 22-412, 21-098

Pottery is one of the essential crafts of the Central Asian peoples. On the territory of Uzbekistan, ceramic has been enjoying great popularity since ancient times. Many Central Asian nations are famous for their skilled craftsmen who created beautiful pieces of ceramics, putting their heart and skill into them. The ceramics depicted many stories, pictures and many other things, reflecting the culture of each region of Uzbekistan.

Such cities as Bukhara and Samarkand have been famous for their ceramics, but not only in large cities lived skilled craftsmen. Gijduvan is distinguished by its unique, particularly recognizable all over Uzbekistan school of ceramics.

Gijduvan ceramics school has its deep roots. The skills have been passed from father to son from generation to generation. Today Gizhduvan is home for the sixth generation of potters from Narzullayevs family which glorified Gijduvan school ceramics all over the world.

The works of Gijduvan masters are available for familiarization not only at the potter workshops but also in the Gijduvan Museum of Ceramics. The museum exhibits a large collection of modern masters. They are noted for rich colors and a variety of ornaments. Gijduvan School of ceramics is distinguished by a geometric pattern. Green and blue colors prevail in decoration of products.

Gijduvan ceramics was presented by our craftsmen in numerous competitions and festivals, where it enjoyed the highest accolades. Everyone who wants to have a look at Gijduvan pottery is welcomed to visit the Museum of Ceramics and even pick a souvenir at the potter’s shop.