Silk and Spices Festival 2020

The Silk and Spices Festival is an annual festival held in Bukhara, a city on the Great Silk Road. Thousands of years ago, caravans heading from China to Europe passed through the high mountains and barren deserts, loaded with silks and spices. These caravans would stop at blooming oases, where they could rest and meet with masters of pottery, embroidery, minting, carpet weaving, and more.

Recently, Uzbektourism, the City of Bukhara, and the Khunarmand Association of Craftsmen organized the first Silk and Spices Festival. The goal was to revive the cultural legacy of the Silk Road, and to display the rich traditions of local masters. The festival was so popular that the festival became an annual attraction, growing every year. Traditionally, the festival is held over a couple days at the end of May and beginning of June.

During the several days of the Silk and Spices Festival there are fairs where visitors can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, and silk scarves. Master classes from artisans in various fields are held in historical buildings and monuments, and sporting events draw large crowds. The festival also hosts conferences dedicated to the history and culture of Uzbekistan, and also to preserving these traditions and practices. Traditionally, the closing ceremony of the Silk and Spices Festival is held in the Poi-Kalyan Architectural Ensemble, and features traditional Uzbek folk music.

Plan your trip for the end of May to experience the magic of Bukhara and dive into the rich world of art and culture.

Silk & Spices30-31 May, 2020Bukhara