Muhammad Amin-khan Madrasah, Khiva

The madrasah of Muhammad Amin-khan

The Madrasah of Mukhammad Amin-khan is one of the main sights, located in the historical district Itchan-Kala. It is the largest madrasah not only in Khiva but in the Central Asia. The two-storied building occupies the area of 72 to 60 meters and has 125 khudjras (cells), intended for 260 students. The unique of this madrasah is that each khudjra consisted of two rooms and khudjras on second floor consisted of room and loggia, looking out the facade. 

The Madrasah was built in 1851-1854 by the order of Khiva ruler Muhammad Amin-khan and was named after him. The building of the Madrasah of Mukhammad Amin-khan has five domes and flank towers. The facade is decorated with rich ornament of glazed brick, wooden doors abound in ornamental carving, majolica face impresses with herbal patterns. Above the entrance there is the inscription in Arabic: “This wonderful building will stay here forever to descendants’ joy”.

There are many interesting legends that tells about the origin of Khiva. Allegedly, the city grew around the well Hewvakh, with tasty and cool water. The well was dug by the order of Shem, the elder son of Biblical Noah. Today one can see this well in the old part of Khiva, Itchan-Kala.

Khiva – a unique city, rightfully claiming the title of “the seventh wonder of the world”, thanks to its authentic atmosphere of the ‘era of the beginning of time. ” Most of the city of Khiva is similar to the open-air museum. And the nucleus of this museum – castle Itchan-Kala. It is inside this fortress concentrated all the architectural masterpieces of Khiva. Everyone who enters the fortress, are among the marvelous minarets, stone-paved alleys curves, leading to a madrassa with lacy rough mosaic of the ancient walls. This oriental tale! In 1990 the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.