Nuratau Natural Reserve, Uzbekistan

Nuratau Natural Reserve takes the central place in mountains. It was founded in 1975 in order to protect and preserve the highly endangered Severtzov wild sheep (Ovis Ammon Severtzovi) and also to protect rare sort of walnut. In addition, the Nuratau Natural Reserve is the home for over 160 species of birds. Over 630 types of plants grow here, most of which are unique and are found only here.

The relief of the Reserve mostly consists of mountains with abundance of mountain streams. Close to the largest stream Madjerum you will find the thousand-year tree – Biota Orientalis. Its hollow has room for five people and the girth of this tree is over 8 meters. By the legend, biota was planted by Alexander the Great over the grave of one of his commanders. Local people say that the tree has healing properties and even is capable to realize cherished wishes. Close to the tree there is the century-year ruined mosque, which is also considered as the miracle place, and the fortress Madjerum-Kala, where archeologists found houseware of 3-4th centuries.