Mausoleum Ishratkhana, Samarkand

Ishratkhana: Legend of the Mausoleum

In the south-eastern part of Samarkand there is one of the most mysterious monuments of Islamic architecture, the mausoleum Ishrathana.No consensus regarding the purpose of the building exists. Some guess that it was a burial place for of women of aristocratic origin. The building never renovated, but even its ruins impress with their harmony.

A legend explains why the mausoleum was abandoned: Tamerlan’s grandson Ulugbek defined that in accordance with horoscope, his grandfather Amir Temurer would have a risk during the feast in Ishratkhana.He rushed into the hall with a sword and forces the participants of the feast to run away. When the last emir left the room, there be heard underground buzz, and the devastating earthquake brought down the arches Ishrathany directly to the place where Tamerlan and his suite were lying a moment ago. The building never repaired again.