Centre of National Arts, Tashkent

National Arts Centre - the center of the cultural life of the capital

Address: 1, Zarkaynar str.
Orienting point: Zarkaynar Supermarket, former “Old City” Gallery
Telephone: 150-40-12, 150-40-13
Working hours: from 10:00AM till 06:00PM
Closed: on Sunday

Uzbekistan pays much attention to the development and conservation of traditional national art forms and handicrafts as well as the development of cultural life of the country. To this affect over the last ten years a lot of museums and exhibition halls were built for representatives of different artistic tendencies and traditional industrial arts of Uzbekistan to represent their works.

One of the best-known exhibition halls in Tashkent is the Centre of National Arts. It is located not far from Chorsu Bazaar. Its building was built in an oriental style. The best architects of Uzbekistan were working at its project, reconstructing the technique of medieval masters. The building interior has a modern look while its decoration includes the elements of oriental decor.

The Centre of National Arts is a place to hold not only exhibitions and events dedicated to cultural life of the capital. There, the city’s guests and residents may visit different boutiques where they can buy both modern clothes and clothes made by folk craftsmen. Both on the ground and first floors there are restaurants and cafes cooking dishes of the world’s different cuisines, including the traditional Uzbek one.

In addition, the Centre of National Arts holds art galleries where the visitors can watch the work of talented masters. Each of the art galleries is dedicated to different forms of Uzbek handicrafts: toreutics (metal engraving), ceramics, golden embroidery, paintings, etc. There, the works of both famous and young masters can be seen.

The Centre of National Arts is the place to hold different events in the field of national creativity. Twice a year, in spring and autumn it hosts the «Bazar-art» trade fair. In addition, the Center holds a lot of exhibitions devoted to national arts as well as masters-classes of well-known and talented Uzbek artists and craftsmen.
The Centre of National Arts is the place for the metropolitan residents and guests to discover for themselves something new in Uzbek culture. One of such discoveries is performances with participation of national Uzbek dancers. The spacious halls of the Centre of National Arts often host the events dedicated to dances of different regions of Uzbekistan.

Previously the Centre of National Arts was the place where the National Dress Gallery was situated that is why every visitor may get acquainted with traditional Uzbek costumes and visit mannequin parades where collections of young designers from the Uzbek Fashion House are presented. Many collections represent a modern idea of traditional Uzbek national costume.