Charvak reservoir near Tashkent

Charvak: artificial lake in Uzbek mountains

Charvak is a huge artificial lake, reservoir, surrounded by green slopes of the mountains which are crowned with snow caps.The lake is formed by Charvak HPS dam.The lake is fed by the waters of three mountain rivers – Ugam, Chatkal and Pskem.

Many centuries ago this man-made sea was flooded. Traces of ancient settlements, fortresses, burial mounds, prehistoric man, etc can be still found here. In total, more than 150 monuments of ancient culture have been found here. In ancient times, the roads that connected Tashkent oasis with Kyrgyzstan and Ferghana run here.

Today Charvak lake is the favorite place for summer holidays for the residents of Tashkent and its guests.The lake, like a blue gem that is framed by a chain of mountain ridges, has become a resort. Around the lake, right on the mountain slopes there is a ring road, along which various recreation areas and children’s camps are located. They are located near the villages Bogustan, Brichmulla, Yangikurgan, Yusuphana etc.

The largest recreation area is “Charvak Oromgohi”, located near the village of Yusuphana. At this place Charvak coast turned into a comfortable beach. A comfortable hotel, “Pyramid”, with comfortable rooms, restaurants and bars, conference hall are at the customer’s service The hotel’s silhouettes with pointed green roofs, with built-in solar panels, look like if they repeat the silhouettes of the surrounding mountain peaks.

All facilities meet modern standards – equipped beaches, sports and playgrounds, a water landing for walking to windsurfing or catamaran.