Ethnic tourism in Uzbekistan

Explore Lifestyle of Local People

What can characterize any country more colorfully and expressively unless its ethnic flavor?  Ethnic tourism  in Uzbekistan is the most exciting type of travel: to travel about the country meeting with common people, learning the peculiarities of their lifestyle, customs, traditions, folklore, cuisine, applied art and many others.

Ethnic tourism in Uzbekistan promises to be amazing and unforgettable. Because you will meet with the ancient oriental ethnos, which original national heritage has been developing over many centuries! And what is amazing, that ancient Uzbek traditions present in modern life of Uzbek people. Every important event such as a birthday, marriage proposal, marriage or funeral is accompanied with colorful rituals originated in ancient time and filled with the wisdom of ancestors.

Uzbek people heartily invite foreign guests on their celebrations and acquaint with their customs and traditions, national dresses, folk songs and dances. As a rule, at such celebrations guests taste the national cuisine. Uzbek pilaff, somsa, shourpa, manty are the most favorite and delicious dishes.

The next vivid impression for you will be the acquaintance with the applied art of Uzbek craftsmen: fine lacquer miniature, filigree jewelry, intricate national embroidery, original ceramics, natural silk. All these things are just the small part, crafted by Uzbek masters and offered as travel souvenirs.

Various ethnic festivals, exhibitions and fairs show all the wealth and beauty of Uzbek culture. It is really worth to be seen! One of the largest events is the festival “Boysun bahori”. It is held every spring in Surkhandaryo region, small town Baysun, which is famous for unbelievable beauty and almost pristine civilization. Popular festivities and fairs in ethnic style last for several days. Folk groups from the all over the world, dancers, singers, bahshas (narrators), craftsmen with carpets, fabrics, jewelries and others gather here.